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CAMA embraces the intent and purpose of the various rules and regulations involving patient privacy and security, including the federal HIPAA laws, as well as traditional concerns for privacy held by physicians and those promoted by our surgical facilities and hospitals. As hospital-based anesthesiologists, our privacy policies are incorporated in the materials reviewed by the facility in-take personnel where the surgery is performed and are not separately presented by the anesthesiologist.

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Why Coastal Anesthesiology Medical Associates?

  • Board-certified physicians by the American Board of Anesthesiology
  • Highest quality anesthesia services
  • Excellent safety record
  • Friendly and professional staff

Questions About Anesthesia

Sometimes, patients have questions about the anesthesia that will be given for their surgical procedure. Your surgeon will explain some of the basic information about the anesthesia used during your surgery during your pre-op office visit if not before. Every patient also has an opportunity to discuss their questions or concerns with the anesthesiologist directly before the surgery. If you have particular medical concerns due to a special medical condition or other circumstances, these should be discussed first with your surgeon. In some situations, talking to an anesthesiologist might be recommended and you can contact the administrative office (visit our Contact Us page) to have an anesthesiologist give you a call before your surgery.

Patient Education Links

Patients often have general questions about anesthesia. Your surgeon will have answered some of those questions, and your anesthesiologist will certainly be happy to answer any specific questions you have when you see him or her on the day of your surgery, but there are also a few good, reliable sources of information that you can easily locate on the web. Both the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA Link) and the California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA Link) are very committed to providing important, useful and accurate information. This will help you become a more informed patient about the medical anesthesia care you receive before, during and following surgical and diagnostic procedures. Click on the links provided above and look for the "Patient Education" or "Patient Info" links on the home page of each organization.

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